Advantages of Professional Management


Serving as a Board Member can be time consuming and stressful.  DANA Properties can relieve a Board of Directors of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the administrative, financial and maintenance affairs of a community association. The Board of Directors can spend more time concentrating on policy matters.


As Board Members change, so too can management philosophies, policies and priorities.  Although many such changes can be beneficial to the association, others may be inappropriate.  DANA Properties represents client associations for the long run. The resulting continuity of management will ensure that only the most beneficial of such changes occur. Maintenance of a community's financial history and association records is another advantage for clients.


As board members serve their association on a voluntary and non-compensated basis, their ability and desire to administer the day-to-day management of the association is limited and will understandably be secondary to their own personal and professional obligations.  Regular office hours makes the DANA Properties management team accessible to association members as reasonably required.


While some board members or officers may have years of experience in their respective positions, this experience is largely related specifically to their association only.  DANA Properties manages community associations as a profession, and because DANA Properties represents multiple associations, each client association benefits from DANA Properties' broad and ever-increasing expertise.

Overall Expense Reduction

Although no promises can be made, DANA Properties will use its size and expertise to save client associations money by curbing any wasteful practices, minimizing inefficiencies and utilizing bulk purchasing power in securing goods and services.

Unit Salability and Value

Prospective community association members are becoming more and more sophisticated, and as community association management becomes more exacting and intricate, these prospective members have come to realize the benefits of professional management.  Their desire to purchase a home in a professionally-managed association may make those homes more desirable, and, as a result, may increase property value.

Although management fees may represent a new or higher expense for an association, client associations feel that the advantages of the professional management services provided by DANA Properties are worth the expense.


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